1. I am getting the following error message when setting up CotranslatorAI. What should I should do?

Complete Step 5 on the Download page.

2. Where can I find the configuration.txt file to insert my API key?

All the files for CotranslatorAI, including the configuration.txt file, are installed by default in the “CotranslatorAI” subfolder of your “My Documents” folder.

3. I am getting the following message stating that the OpenAI API key is not specified. What should I do?

Complete Step 5 on the Download page.

4. The 24-digit code from the confirmation email I received is not working for the OpenAI API key. What do I do?

The 24-digit code you received is for activating CotranslatorAI (Step 4 at on the Download page). To obtain and enter the API key, you need to follow the instructions provided in Step 5 on the same page.

5. What should I do if I encounter issues setting up an account at OpenAI, such as “Sign up is unavailable at the moment” or “Too many signups from the same IP”?

If you’re experiencing issues setting up an OpenAI account, you can try signing up using a Google account as an alternative. If you still encounter problems due to multiple failed sign-up attempts, try connecting again later. You must create this OpenAI account to obtain the API key and use CotranslatorAI. However, please note that we do not have control over the OpenAI account setup process.

6. What should I do if I receive the following error message after installing CotranslatorAI with the API key from OpenAI? I have paid for a ChatGPT+ account and it is active right now.

This is due to having used up the free data provided during account setup or three months having passed since setting it up. To reactivate the account, you need to add a credit card to the account.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT+ is a separate account, accessed at chat.openai.com. For this API access for CotranslatorAI, you need an account at platform.openai.com. They are different accounts.

7. When I try to run CotranslatorAI, nothing happens. Even after I restart the computer and try running CotranslatorAI, I get the following message. What do I do?

It looks like you are trying to run CotranslatorAI Companion intead of the main CotranslatorAI app. When you want to run CotranslatorAI, you should make sure to use the CotranslatorAI shortcut in Windows Start menu, not the CotranslatorAI Companion shortcut.

8. If I delete and reinstall CotranslatorAI on my computer, will I need to reenter my registration code and API key again?

You can uninstall CotranslatorAI the normal way, then install it again. If you previously registered it, there will be no need to register again.

9. What do I do if I get the following installation error?

This is likely caused by your computer’s security policies. Try installing the program by right-clicking the installation program file and selecting “Run As Administrator” menu item.