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The basic toolkit for an AI-powered workflow


Same as CotranslatorAI Intermediate,


  • Displays an upgrade reminder pop-up window at startup, every 5-10 prompts, and when using the dashboard
  • Supports only ten active user prompts in the Prompt Library
  • Community support available only at AI4LanguageProfessionals

Everything you need for a productive, AI-powered workflow

$47 USD

  • Pre-discounted price: $47
  • One-year subscription; renews annually at $47 USD


  • Industry-standard data protection
  • Advanced context handling
  • User interface optimized for content transformation tasks
  • Built-in and custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Pre-loaded with ready-to-use template and sample prompts
  • Versatile, unlimited prompt library
  • Access to the latest AI models
  • Dialogue context history logging
  • Prompt-level support for advanced prompting and settings
  • Detailed token statistics for every prompt
  • Transparent data control with no minimum usage costs
  • Priority email support
  • Billed annually; easy to cancel
  • Installable on two of your computers

Your AI-powered solution for the most sustainably competitive workflow

$87 USD

  • Pre-discounted price: $87
  • One-year subscription; renews annually at $87 USD

Same as CotranslatorAI Intermediate,


  • Multi-tabbed prompting
  • Priority updates in 2024 and beyond
  • Membership in the CotranslatorAI Advanced User Group
    • Exclusive discussions with the CotranslatorAI team
    • Early access to and input on new features
    • Other members-only opportunities to contribute to and benefit from what we’re doing in the language professional community at CotranslatorAI


This entry-level workshop is the fastest and most effective way to get started with AI as a language professional!


This workshop will teach you the state of the art in AI prompting as a language professional!


This workshop will equip you to start practicing an advanced, human-led translation framework of the future!

AI Workflow Integrator A Only

$65 USD

  • One-time purchase; ongoing access
  • Pre-discounted price: $65 USD

AI Workflow Integrators A, B & C

$135 USD

  • One-time purchase; ongoing access
  • Pre-discounted price: $135 USD

Intermediate Bundle

CotranslatorAI Intermediate
AI Workflow Integrator A

$77 USD

  • Pre-discounted price: $77
  • One-year subscription (CotranslatorAI Intermediate);
    renews annually at $47 USD

Advanced Bundle

CotranslatorAI Advanced
AI Workflow Integrators A, B & C

$155 USD

  • Pre-discounted price: $155
  • One-year subscription (CotranslatorAI Advanced);
    renews annually at $87 USD