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AI-Powered Translation: Boost Efficiency and Quality by 30% or More!
AI-Powered Translation: Boost Efficiency and Quality by 30% or More!
Improve Your CAT-Tool Workflow Using CotranslatorAI
Improve Your CAT-Tool Workflow Using CotranslatorAI
Prompt Engineering for Translators: Your Competitive Edge
Prompt Engineering for Translators: Your Competitive Edge

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Roles, Workflows, and Use Cases

Language professionals work in a wide range of roles, each with unique tasks and applications. CotranslatorAI Free empowers you to leverage sophisticated prompting strategies, refining your toolkit to fit your workflow needs.

User Testimonials

Thanks again for your work both on the app and in the seminars! This is the best piece of translation tech in a very long time!

Martin Cross, Japanese Translator and senior linguist at

CotranslatorAI is a game-changer in the world of translation. This ingenious program leverages the power of ChatGPT’s API to streamline a translator’s work and automate recurrent tasks like emails with ease. It’s a versatile, user-friendly solution that enhances productivity and efficiency. I wholeheartedly recommend CotranslatorAI for anyone looking to boost their workflow and elevate their translation process to the next level! Thumbs up to Stanislav Okhvat and Steven Bammel for producing this fantastic tool!

Jean-Pierre Kent, Dutch and Romanian Translator/Interpreter at Kent Tolk en Vertaal

I wholeheartedly recommend CotranslatorAI for my fellow translators. Utilizing the GPT technology, this software simplifies many editing tasks, making them faster to complete. With a prompt library and shortcuts, CotranslatorAI improves upon ChatGPT by reducing the need to input instructions one at a time. This useful tool has positively impacted my work as a post-editor and translator.

Rocío Valero Lucas, English/French/German/Swedish > Spanish/Spain Translator

Using CotranslatorAI has allowed me to reduce my working time, as I can finish my translations faster. It is a very useful tool and it´s SO easy to use just by pressing a key combination! Definitely worth trying!

Mariluz Ponce, EN/FR-->ES freelance translator and reviewer
[…] Having started quite early with you and CotranslatorAI, I have been able to get more effective and learn more by using your tool. As my work consists of many routine translating assignments, I have been able to speed up my work by 50 percent or even more. I am not young any more and I have got not so much energy as before so that your tool allows me to compensate for that.

Ivana B., Budweis, Czechia

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