ChatGPT for Translators: Master the Power of AI in Your Workflow

Are you a freelance translator looking to harness the power of AI in your work? Join an upcoming training event, led by Steven S. Bammel, PhD., and learn how to make the most of ChatGPT to enhance your translation skills and efficiency.

As described below, we offer the Masterclass alone, or a combination of the Masterclass and Workshop.

We are also preparing a four-week intensive Bootcamp training as well.

The ChatGPT for Translators Masterclass was one of the most comprehensive and powerful webinars I have ever attended. Thank you to Steven S. Bammel, PhD and to!

Yolanda Georgiou, MA , Greek Perinatal & Reproductive Health Translator

… [T]hank you very much for the Masterclass and Workshop. These were the BEST I’ve attended. I’m not a native speaker of English and I’m always a bit afraid of that, but your English is very clear for me.

Naoko Orito , ISO Certified Japanese Translator

1. ChatGPT for Translators Masterclass: AI Empowerment for Today’s Translators

This three-hour, live introductory webinar equips attendees with the knowledge and understanding to begin applying ChatGPT to their workflow.


  • Using AI in translation across a wide range of use cases
    • Translation
    • Terminology research
    • Writing improvement
    • Editing and revising (including MTPE)
    • Source text manipulation
    • Other technical tasks
    • Client communication
  • Introduction to translation-related AI technology
  • Market trends and analysis, all from the perspective of freelance translators
  • Prompt engineering principles and techniques
  • Hands-on practice exercises
  • Guidance on developing the right mindset and approach

… [T]his course was absolutely brilliant. The content was incredibly insightful and engaging. Steven S. Bammel, PhD’s expertise and passion were evident throughout. Highly recommended to learn more about ChatGPT and prompting!

Luisa Serra, Italian Translator, Localizer, and Post-Editor

2. ChatGPT for Translators Workshop: AI Empowerment for Today’s Translators


This three-hour, live interactive workshop builds on the Masterclass described above, giving attendees the opportunity to work directly in the AI, learning ways to integrate it into their workflow for higher quality and efficiency.


  • Getting set up with CotranslatorAI
  • Hands-on exercises in translation, terminology research, writing, post-editing, and other technical tasks
  • Explanation about tokens, costs, data usage, etc.
  • Integrating AI into the workflow (especially using CotranslatorAI)
  • Advanced principles of operating as a freelance translator in the new paradigm
  • Advanced prompt engineering principles

“Steven was a very clear and precise trainer. … [H]e managed to cover a complex subject, at least for a baby boomer like me, and explain simply the many uses that can be given to this tool in translation.”

“I have learned effective time optimization techniques that will improve my productivity significantly… I would recommend this course”

“The explanation was very clear and understandable.”

“Clear explanations and easy to follow. Very well-prepared presentation.”

“Managed to pack in a lot into the time”

Past workshop participants

Stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of AI-powered translation. Take one of our courses and power-up your career as a language professional.