Our premium training workshops, which we call AI Workflow Integrators, are hands-on foundational masterclasses to help you bridge the gap between knowing about AI and efficiently integrating AI into your daily work as a language professional.

Each AI Workflow Integrator is three hours long. Taught and updated periodically by Steven S. Bammel, PhD, these deep dives into best practices will give you the knowledge, techniques, and confidence to leverage AI effectively, regardless of the translation environments you work in.

What’s Included

The AI Workflow Integrators are one-time purchases giving you ongoing access to both live and on-demand events, as well as all workshop materials and the discussion boards!

In other words, by registering for an AI Workflow Integrator, you get:

  • a seat at the next live workshop (+ free attendance at any subsequent live refresher events of the same workshop)
  • unlimited on-demand access to the most recent workshop video recording (once available)
  • the workshop slide deck, and all prompt and example text from the workshop
  • free membership in a discussion board at AI4LanguageProfessionals where you can get workshop resources, request answers to follow-up workshop-specific questions, and discuss your studies anytime

Upcoming Schedule

We are scheduling the first live workshop for each AI Workflow Integrator one month apart as the workshop series begins. The next events are currently scheduled as follows:

AI Workflow Integrator A

Learn solutions to quickly power-up your professional workflow.

Survey use cases across key roles of the language professional. Learn about keyboard shortcuts, advanced prompt settings, pre-loaded prompts, and best practices for efficiently organizing and using everything. In addition to getting a ready-to-use prompt pack, you’ll also learn innovative techniques to customize these and other prompts to your own unique applications.

This entry-level workshop is the fastest and most effective way to get started with AI as a language professional!

AI Workflow Integrator B

Manipulate the AI effectively, innovatively, and flexibly in the work you do.

Learn how to engineer prompts that guide the AI to do wonders for you. Start with basic prompts, but move quickly to sophisticated template, scripted, and look-up prompts. Understand the building blocks of effective prompting and become an expert on advanced best practices, creative uses, and tweaks, tricks, and “black magic” to make everything work better.

This workshop will teach you the state of the art in AI prompting as a language professional!

AI Workflow Integrator C

Raise your competitiveness as a translator with a high-skilled, next-generation workflow.

Learn the GAIT methodology and leverage the three superpowers of generative AI to achieve translation gains unavailable through passive tool-imposed workflows. Get tips on working in various CAT tool environments (especially memoQ), preparing files for translation, how to avoid problems and deal with challenges, what types of documents work best, and much more!

This workshop will equip you to start practicing an advanced, human-led translation framework of the future!

AI Workflow Integrator A Only

$65 USD

Pre-discounted price: $65 USD/year

AI Workflow Integrators A, B & C

$135 USD

Pre-discounted price: $135 USD/year

Here’s what attendees of previous training have said!

… [T]hank you very much for the Masterclass and Workshop. These were the BEST I’ve attended. I’m not a native speaker of English and I’m always a bit afraid of that, but your English is very clear for me.

Naoko Orito , ISO Certified Japanese Translator

… [T]his course was absolutely brilliant. The content was incredibly insightful and engaging. Steven S. Bammel, PhD’s expertise and passion were evident throughout. Highly recommended to learn more about ChatGPT and prompting!

Luisa Serra, Italian Translator, Localizer, and Post-Editor

The ChatGPT for Translators Masterclass was one of the most comprehensive and powerful webinars I have ever attended. Thank you to Steven S. Bammel, PhD and to ProZ.com!

Yolanda Georgiou, MA , Greek Perinatal & Reproductive Health Translator

“Steven was a very clear and precise trainer. … [H]e managed to cover a complex subject, at least for a baby boomer like me, and explain simply the many uses that can be given to this tool in translation.”

“I have learned effective time optimization techniques that will improve my productivity significantly… I would recommend this course”

“The explanation was very clear and understandable.”

“Clear explanations and easy to follow. Very well-prepared presentation.”

“Managed to pack in a lot into the time”

Past workshop participants

Additional Information and Recommendations

1) A paid CotranslatorAI license is not required for attendance at any of the AI Workflow Integrators. Even CotranslatorAI Starter will work, albeit with the hassles befitting a free license.

2) AI Workflow Integrator A is the foundational workshop for using CotranslatorAI, though it is not a prerequisite for attending other AI Workflow Integrators. However, unless you are already a proficient user of AI and CotranslatorAI, you should consider starting with AI Workflow Integrator A before proceeding on to AI Workflow Integrators B and C. Neither AI Workflow Integrator B nor AI Workflow Integrator C is a prerequisite for the other as these two expert-level workshops cover somewhat different (though mutually complementary) content.