Thanks again for your work both on the app and in the seminars! This is the best piece of translation tech in a very long time!

Martin Cross, Japanese Translator and senior linguist at

CotranslatorAI is a game-changer in the world of translation. This ingenious program leverages the power of ChatGPT’s API to streamline a translator’s work and automate recurrent tasks like emails with ease. It’s a versatile, user-friendly solution that enhances productivity and efficiency. I wholeheartedly recommend CotranslatorAI for anyone looking to boost their workflow and elevate their translation process to the next level! Thumbs up to Stanislav Okhvat and Steven Bammel for producing this fantastic tool!

Jean-Pierre Kent, Dutch and Romanian Translator/Interpreter at Kent Tolk en Vertaal

Hello Steven,

Thank you and Stanislav for all your work and efforts in developing this wonderful tool.

Having started quite early with you and CotranslatorAI, I have been able to get more effective and learn more by using your tool. As my work consists of many routine translating assignments, I have been able to speed up my work by 50 percent or even more. I am not young any more and I have got not so much energy as before so that your tool allows me to compensate for that.

A really huge thank you to you both and the whole team!

Thank you also for sharing all the updates.

Looking forward to receiving your next news, I remain your sincerely,

Ivana B. , Budweis, Czechia

Loving CotranslatorAI! I used your prompt on client review yesterday with a client – new guy who speaks Spanish and thinks he’s a translator.  He edited one of our translations and does so as a second generation speaker.  The translator responded to the edits but I needed the client to understand in depth and used CotranslatorAI. I even added in the translator’s responses in the prompt: ‘Here  is what our translator said:’ The AI was brilliant in response!

Melissa Wurst, President, Language Solutions, Inc.

I’ve used ChatGPT, Gemini, CoPilot (and all their previous iterations) for tasks related to translation and multi-language editing. They all have limitations due to hallucinations, inability to follow instructions, and wasted time re-entering prompts. CotranslatorAI gets the job done faster and better at minimal cost.

Zakiya Hanafi, Translator/Interpreter/Researcher, Italian-French to English

Using CotranslatorAI has allowed me to reduce my working time, as I can finish my translations faster. It is a very useful tool and it´s SO easy to use just by pressing a key combination! Definitely worth trying!

Mariluz Ponce, EN/FR-->ES freelance translator and reviewer

I often grapple with the challenge of translating extensive website content and providing detailed comments on reviews. Discovering CotranslatorAI was a game-changer for me. Its AI-driven translation capabilities impressed me, especially with their accuracy and handling of complex articles.

What sets CotranslatorAI apart is its ability to not just translate text, but to provide contextually rich and nuanced evaluations, making my review process more insightful. It has significantly streamlined my workflow, saving time while enhancing the quality of my translations.

I highly recommend CotranslatorAI to fellow translation professionals. Its intuitive interface and powerful AI make it an indispensable tool for anyone dealing with multilingual content.

Silvia Mandrioli, Translator and Reviewer EN/FR/IT/NL > EN/FR/IT
I wholeheartedly recommend CotranslatorAI for my fellow translators. Utilizing the GPT technology, this software simplifies many editing tasks, making them faster to complete. With a prompt library and shortcuts, CotranslatorAI improves upon ChatGPT by reducing the need to input instructions one at a time. This useful tool has positively impacted my work as a post-editor and translator.
Rocío Valero Lucas, English/French/German/Swedish > Spanish/Spain Translator

I’ve had some classes using CotranslatorAI and my students were thrilled with the results…. Your product is one of a few tools on the market that allows me to show students that it still makes sense to become a translator (or rather a specialised linguist prompter focusing on translation).

Dr. Michał Kornacki, Polish translator and assistant professor in Łódź, Poland

I have been using CotranslatorAI not so much as an aid for translation, but as a personal assistant helping summarize my ideas and generally improving my language. However, now that I have learnt about a new keyboard shortcut, I will be using it quite often during my translation work, with one tab for inspiration and a second tab for looking up abstruse references.

Dr. Michał Kornacki, Maira Belmonte, Translator, English<>Spanish

AI training for language professionals

The ChatGPT for Translators Masterclass was one of the most comprehensive and powerful webinars I have ever attended. Thank you to Steven S. Bammel, PhD and to!

Yolanda Georgiou, MA, Greek Perinatal & Reproductive Health Translator

… [T]hank you very much for the Masterclass and Workshop. These were the BEST I’ve attended. I’m not a native speaker of English and I’m always a bit afraid of that, but your English is very clear for me.

Naoko Orito, ISO Certified Japanese Translator

… [T]his course was absolutely brilliant. The content was incredibly insightful and engaging. Steven S. Bammel, PhD’s expertise and passion were evident throughout. Highly recommended to learn more about ChatGPT and prompting!

Luisa Serra, Italian Translator, Localizer, and Post-Editor

“I really enjoyed your presentation and gained valuable insights on using generative AI in the translation/project management process.”

Helmut Malinowski, owner of specialist translation service provider Malinowski & Partner

For the first time, I understood that AI can be useful in the translation process. Thanks CotranslatorAI!

Silvia Giancola, Translator, EN-FR>IT

“Steven was a very clear and precise trainer. … [H]e managed to cover a complex subject, at least for a baby boomer like me, and explain simply the many uses that can be given to this tool in translation.”

“I have learned effective time optimization techniques that will improve my productivity significantly… I would recommend this course”

“The explanation was very clear and understandable.”

“Clear explanations and easy to follow. Very well-prepared presentation.”

“Managed to pack in a lot into the time”

Past workshop participants