This page is organized into four sections: Purchase FAQ, Installation/Setup FAQ, Using the Software FAQ, and General FAQ.

Purchase FAQ

  • What is your refund policy?

We are confident that you’ll get value from the products and services you purchase from us. But if, for any reason you aren’t satisfied, email us and we’ll do our best to work it out. We want you to have a good experience doing business with us! Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.

  • Do you offer a permanent license option, rather than an annual subscription?

CotranslatorAI has moved to a subscription-based model on our paid editions to ensure that the products stay up to date and continue improving. Thus, we do not currently offer a permanent license option, other than the free CotranslatorAI Starter edition.

  • How can I take advantage of discounts for CotranslatorAI products?

To take advantage of early discounts, enter your promotion code in the designated field and click the VALIDATE button. If you don’t already have a promotion code, you can use the default code provided on the purchase page, if any. You can find the purchase page at

  • Can I purchase multiple CotranslatorAI products at once?

Not currently. You can only purchase one item type at a time. If you wish to make another purchase, you will need to come back and follow the purchase process again. Depending on your promotion code, once you select your product, you may be able to increase the number of licenses for that product in the MyCommerce shopping cart page.

  • What should I do if I need help during the purchase process?

If you require assistance at any point during your purchase, email us at for support.

  • How do I purchase a paid product?

To purchase a CotranslatorAI product, go to, review the information provided for each selection and then click the Get Now button for the product you wish to purchase.

  • Do you have a free edition of your product and how do I get it?

Yes, CotranslatorAI Starter is free. Go to and then click the Get Now button for CotranslatorAI Starter to get this edition of our product.

  • Explain to me about the Intermediate Bundle and Advanced Bundle?

The Intermediate Bundle offers a combination of CotranslatorAI Intermediate and AI Workflow Integrator A, featuring an initial cost followed by a lower annual renewal fee. On the other hand, the Advanced Bundle includes CotranslatorAI Advanced along with all AI Workflow Integrators (A, B, & C), also starting with an initial purchase price and a reduced fee for annual renewals. Both packages provide a value-driven approach to accessing CotranslatorAI’s software and training materials in a single offering.

  • Can I cancel my subscription? Will my subscription renew automatically?

Your subscription is billed annually, but if you’re not happy with the value you’re getting, let us know. You do not have to purchase with auto-renew; you can turn off auto-renew on the MyCommerce shopping cart page when purchasing or anytime after that through your MyCommerce account.

  • MyCommerce? What is that?

MyCommerce is our payment gateway which handles all aspects of the purchase process after you make your selection on the Get CotranslatorAI Products page. MyCommerce handles all tax matters, and emails you your license code for your software purchase.

  • Where can I find more information about the CotranslatorAI editions and AI Workflow Integrators?

For detailed information about the new CotranslatorAI editions and AI Workflow Integrators, please visit the official website links: CotranslatorAI editions:; AI Workflow Integrators:

  • Why are the prices on MyCommerce higher than the prices shown on the CotranslatorAI website?

The prices on MyCommerce may be higher than those listed on the CotranslatorAI website because MyCommerce adds taxes to your order, and depending on the currency you select, may apply an unfavorable exchange rate. It’s often better to use USD for purchases. Also, European customers who are not required to pay VAT may be able to avoid paying this by entering a valid VAT ID number in the MyCommerce shopping cart page (related information on AI4LanguageProfessionals: VAT on My Commerce for business users). Keep in mind that taxes and exchange rates are determined by MyCommerce and are beyond our control. We recommend carefully reading the information on the MyCommerce website and experimenting with different currencies to see which offers the best value for you.

  • I think I may have registered my licence under my personal email address, but I would rather have it under this email, which is my business address.

We cannot change the email address under which your license is registered. You would need to go to and login to your account there to make any changes. However, I can change your email at AI4LanguageProfessionals for the training, if you signed up for that. When I register you there, I’ll use this email address instead.

  • Why is my next subscription price for the Advanced Bundle also 108.29 EUR when I only want to renew the Cotranslatorai app and not the entire bundle?

Yes, the training is a one-time purchase. You will have ongoing access to that. In a year, you can choose to renew the software. Our price is $87, but the EU will also charge VAT, which is where the $108.29 charge comes from.

  • Do you provide a warning of the subscription renewal so we can consider whether we want to do this or not? Having had my feet burnt several times in the past I normally no longer pay for subscriptions. As you know, it is hard to remember 12 months in advance or what we did 12 months ago.

Renewals are handled entirely by MyCommerce and yes, I believe they will send you a renewal. But you can also create a MyCommerce account and go in and turn auto-renew off. Anyway, if something unintended does happen next year, just let me know and I’ll fix it for you. Unfortunately this is outside our control. We asked that the renew function be set to Manual, not Automatic, but MyCommerce won’t let us do that.

  • I would like to purchase AI intermediate and AI workflow Integrator AI workflow IntegratorA (“Intermediate Bundle”). You wrote ”YOU CAN CLICK ‘RENEWAL: AUTOMATIC’ BELOW TO TURN OFF AUTO-RENEWAL.” I can’t find “RENEWAL: AUTOMATIC”. I am working in a Japanese version of Windows.

The Japanese interface looks a bit different than the English one, as this link is missing in your screenshot. There seems to be a problem with MyCommerce’s interface in Japanese. Can you try changing the language to English and trying again?

  • If I must pay a subscription to OpenAI with CotranslatorAI, then I already have CopilotAI, which is based on ChatGPT-4 Turbo at a fraction of the cost. Why would I pay more for CotranslatorAI? And how much would I be paying, let’s say, if I use CotranslatorAI for translating a 1,000-word text?

If you see the two tools as substitutes, and one is free and the other costs money for no reason, then yes. But just because Copilot is free, doesn’t mean it’s a good tool for a professional workflow, especially due to confidentiality isssues. Even if you don’t use CotranslatorAI, if you want to use Generative AI seriously in your work (such as with other tools), you still need an OpenAI account for the API key. The data charges in OpenAI are not as expensive as you think. First, OpenAI’s services is not a subscription; you pay only for the tokens yo use. Second, when you do use CotranslatorAI, 100,000 tokens will cost you about USD 0.50 with the latest model (gpt-4o). And a 1,000 word text is about 6,000 tokens. So to translate 1,000 words and get the AIU’s response back will cost you just a few pennies.

  • What payment currencies and methods do you accept?

Our payment gateway is MyCommerce, which handles payment in a wide variety of currencies and payment methods. MyCommerce also collects taxes, as appropriate and ensures that all processes remain compliant with laws around the world.

  • Is there a trial period for the paid editions?

No, there is not. But we do offer a free version called CotranslatorAI Starter, which will give you the full experience of CotranslatorAI Intermediate, with a few limitations.

  • Do you have a Mac version? And if not, can I install and use CotranslatorAI with Parallels?

We do not have a native Mac version of our software, but it can be installed on Macs using Parallels. Users have encountered issues when attempting to download the software with Safari on Mac. However, downloading and installing through the Windows environment on Parallels using MS Edge has been successful, suggesting this as a viable workaround for Mac users.

  • Is there a mobile version of CotranslatorAI?

No, there is not.

  • Can I upgrade my subscription plan?

We are working on this, and you will be able to do so soon.

  • Do you offer discounted educational or student licensing?

We do not offer special licensing terms on an individual user basis. However, we are open to discounted site licensing for all students and staff at an educational institution on a semester-by-semester basis. Contact us at if you’d like more details on this.

  • Do you offer special prices for multiple users in a company or LSP?

We are open to discussing volume and site licensing. Contact us at if you’re interested in exploring this option.

Installation/Setup FAQ

  • How can I get my CotranslatorAI registration code again if I’ve misplaced it?

Re-submit the registration form using your original email address at We’ll resend the code to your email promptly.

  • How can I get back on the CotranslatorAI user list if I unsubscribed before?

To rejoin the CotranslatorAI user list after unsubscribing, just re-register using your original email at

  • I already purchased a paid CotranslatorAI edition but I don’t have CotranslatorAI installed on my computer. Where can I get the latest installer file?

You can get it from the download page at

  • How many computers can I install CotranslatorAI on with a single subscription?

With a single paid subscription, you can install CotranslatorAI on two of your computers.

  • How do I move my paid edition of CotranslatorAI from one computer to another?

First deactivate your license on one computer and then activate with the same license code on the other computer. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish, up to a maximum of two simultaneous installations with one license code.

  • Why did I get a keyboard shortcut conflict error after installing?

Sometimes we update the template and sample prompts included with CotranslatorAI when distributing version updates, and in such cases, these can conflict with prompts you already had on your system. We might occasionally add built-in keyboard shortcuts, in which case conflicts will be flagged as well. If this happens, simply remove or change the keyboard shortcuts that are in conflict.

  • What’s the difference between upgrading and updating?

Upgrading involves moving from the free CotranslatorAI Starter edition to a paid CotranslatorAI Intermediate edition, or from the CotranslatorAI Intermediate to the more expensive CotranslatorAI Advanced edition, by purchasing the new license through our purchasing process. Updating, however, refers to ensuring you have the latest software version, which can be done by clicking the Check for updates link in the About CotranslatorAI window (Help > About…). We’ll also alert you via CotranslatorAI about new versions. The same installer file is used for all editions, available at

  • After installation, I was not asked to purchase or pay for the software. It appears to be working nonetheless.

It sounds like you are on CotranslatorAI Starter. You may continue to use CotranslatorAI Starter. However, to upgrade, please purchase a license at

  • When I try to install the new version, I get a message that says “Called RunScript when not marked in progress,” and the installation stops.

This is a Windows problem related to installing MSI files. According to Microsoft, the most likely cause is when the system date on your computer is set incorrectly. Try resetting the date on your computer to the correct date. There is another possible cause but that is way more advanced to resolve. In that case, it would probably be easier to convert the installation package to EXE format.

  • I was trying to install Cotranslator AI and got the following message: “Warning 4154 .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.15 x64 prerequisite was not correctly installed. Continue installation of CotranslatorAI?

One user who encountered this message just continued installation of CotranslatorAI and it worked. Try continuing the installation first and let us know if you have further issues.

  • I have a license code. I tried entering it and got this message: “The registration code is invalid. Please paste the code emailed to you after the registration process. Look for the registration code containing 6 groups of 4 characters.” My license code from the licensedata.txt file is not in this format but I entered it anyway. It doesn’t work.

The CotranslatorAI registration code is not the same as the license code. You can get the registration code at:

  • I see that CotranslatorAI Companion is installed with CotranslatorAI. It looks like some kind of widget but I had a scan of your website software… features etc. and found no reference to it. What is CotranslatorAI Companion?

CotranslatorAI Companion is integral to the use of keyboard shortcuts in CotranslatorAI. While updates to the Prompt Library late last year made it so you don’t have to click on it when updating a prompt, it still runs in the background so that you can call on your CotranslatorAI prompts from wherever you are in Windows. This is the innovation that makes CotranslatorAI function outside the confines of any particular Windows application. CotranslatorAI and the prompt library will still work even without the CotranslatorAI Companion, but you won’t be able to use the keyboard shortcuts if you disable it. You can find information about this in the user guide video at

  • I purchased CotranslatorAI. After I opened the link in the confirmation email from MyCommerce, it says, I should click on the upgrade prompt. When I open CotranslatorAI, there is no prompt. Do I need to reinstall? I checked the software’s version; the latest version of the Free edition is currently installed on my PC.

If you are still on CotranslatorAI Free, then it means you haven’t installed the latest version. You can get the installer here: After installing, you will be prompted for your license code, which should finish the process.

  • I am upgrading and received a new license code. CotranslatorAI comes up with the old license though. Should I now reinstall, or deactivate the licence and put in the new one, or do nothing until it stops working?

You’ll need to deactivate the old license and then activate with the new one.

  • I have just purchased a new laptop and I need to install Cotranslator AI and transfer my licence over to it. Could you please tell me how to do that?

First, you can install CotranslatorAI on two computers at the same time. So you don’t strictly have to transfer your license. However, if you just don’t need it on your first laptop anymore, then you should go to the Help menu and select Deactivate license. After you do that, then you can install on your new computer and activate with the same license. Here is the link to download the latest installer file:

  • We are trying to upgrade our CotranslatorAI 2.0.1 (x64) to Cotranslator AI 3.0 (x64). However, during the installation process of the newest version, it suggests that ‘The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable’, and we cannot locate the old installation package ‘CotranslatorAI 2.0.1 (x64).msi’. Could you kindly help us resolve this?

Norton Antivirus damaged the installation package when you downloaded it. Here are the instructions that worked for the previous user. 1) Deactivate Norton Antivirus shields for 5-10 minutes. 2) Download the v.2.0.1 version from 2.0.1 (x64).msi. 3) Download the latest 3.0 version at 4) Run the installer on the 3.0 version and select the 2.0.1 installer file when told that version 2.0.1 installer cannot be located. You should then be able to complete the installation. 5) Re-activate Norton Antivirus shields only after the installation completes. 6) Let me know if this works for you.

  • I have purchased CotranslatorAI. I have a screenshot message saying “You must enter a valid OpenAI API key” What should I do?

The software is installed correctly. Now you need to get set up with the OpenAI account and insert your API key into CotranslatorAI. The general instructions are shown in the screenshot you sent.

  • I didn’t receive a license code to activate the Cotranslator Advanced License. Have I missed a step in the process somewhere?

You should have gotten an email from My Commerce with your license code. Did you not see that?

  • I have purchased your software. However, I found nowhere to download the software. Could you please make the download super easy. Just like put a big botton with the word “Download”.

Thanks for your message and your purchase. The link and other initial instructions should be in the email you received after purchase with your license. You can also go directly the download page here:

  • What are the minimum system requirements for CotranslatorAI?

CotranslatorAI is not a “heavy” program; it should work on most any Windows computer with an Internet connection.

  • How do I deactivate my license if I no longer have access to the original computer?

Contact us through our technical support form at and we will help you resolve this.

Using the Software FAQ

  • I installed Cotranslator on my desktop. But it does not open the prompts I created on my laptop. Is this not possible? Or did I do something wrong?

To use prompts from your laptop on your desktop, you will need to copy the prompt files over from your Prompts > My Prompts folder on your laptop to your Prompts > My Prompts folder on your desktop. You won’t be able to access the exact same prompt files from both computers.

  • I have accidentally copied a folder (02 Terminologist) to the wrong place (Under Favorites, whereas I wanted it under My prompts). It let me copy it but it now tells me it’s a read-only folder and cannot be deleted. How can I get rid of it?

You can’t delete those prompts directly in the Prompt Library. However, you can do it in Windows Explorer, which can be accessed from the Prompt Library by clicking on the “Open Prompts folder” icon.

  • I have followed all the instructions, created a OpenAI account, set a billing plan, entered the licence number, got an API Key and typed Testing in the instructions to check that all was working and… nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

Did you click the Send button or press Ctrl+Enter after typing Testing? Just pressing Enter won’t do anything.

  • What are the keys on a Mac running Parallels that correspond to Ctrl, Shift, Winkey, and Alt on a Windows computer?

– Ctrl (Windows): This corresponds to the Control (⌃) key on the Mac.
– Shift (Windows): This corresponds to the Shift (⇧) key on the Mac.
– Windows key (Winkey): This corresponds to the Command (⌘) key on the Mac.
– Alt (Windows): This corresponds to the Option (⌥) key on the Mac.

However, in combination, these keys don’t always match one-for-one. Therefore, to use the standard built-in keyboard shortcuts in CotranslatorAI, you’ll need to use the following:

Transfer Only: CTRL+SHIFT+F12 (Windows) > Control + Shift + Fn + F12 (Mac)
Get Response: CTRL+SHIFT+WINKEY+F12 (Windows) > Control + Shift + Option + Fn + F12 (Mac)
Paste Response: CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F12 (Windows) > Control + Option + Shift + Fn + F12 (Mac)

This is a lot of confusing key combinations. We are looking at ways to simplify. In the meantime, the place to check and customize in Parallels Desktop Preferences > Shortcuts > Windows.

  • Can I share my custom prompts with other users?

Yes, all of your prompts are saved in your prompts folder as text files. You can access this folder directly from the Open Prompts folder button in your Prompt Library. Simply share these text files with others and once they’ve copied the files into their own Prompts folder, they will be able to use them.

  • How do I back up my prompts?

You can backup your prompts the same way you would backup any files on your computer. Prompt files are fully portable text files.

General FAQ

  • How can I provide feedback or suggest new features?

The best way to do this is to submit your feedback or suggestions to our AI4LanguageProfessionals community: