This page is divided into purchase-related issues (top section) and installation/setup related issues (bottom section).

Purchase FAQ

  • What is your refund policy?

We are confident that you’ll get value from the products and services you purchase from us. But if, for any reason you aren’t satisfied, email us and we’ll do our best to work it out. We want you to have a good experience doing business with us! Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns.

  • Do you offer a permanent license option, rather than an annual subscription?

CotranslatorAI has moved to a subscription-based model on our paid editions to ensure that the products stay up to date and continue improving. Thus, we do not currently offer a permanent license option, other than the free CotranslatorAI Starter edition.

  • How can I take advantage of discounts for CotranslatorAI products?

To take advantage of early discounts, enter your promotion code in the designated field and click the VALIDATE button. If you don’t already have a promotion code, you can use the default code provided on the purchase page, if any. You can find the purchase page at

  • Can I purchase multiple CotranslatorAI products at once?

Not currently. You can only purchase one item type at a time. If you wish to make another purchase, you will need to come back and follow the purchase process again. Depending on your promotion code, once you select your product, you may be able to increase the number of licenses for that product in the MyCommerce shopping cart page.

  • What should I do if I need help during the purchase process?

If you require assistance at any point during your purchase, email us at for support.

  • How do I purchase a paid product?

To purchase a CotranslatorAI product, go to, review the information provided for each selection and then click the Get Now button for the product you wish to purchase.

  • Do you have a free edition of your product and how do I get it?

Yes, CotranslatorAI Starter is free. Go to and then click the Get Now button for CotranslatorAI Starter to get this edition of our product.

  • Explain to me about the Intermediate Bundle and Advanced Bundle?

The Intermediate Bundle offers a combination of CotranslatorAI Intermediate and AI Workflow Integrator A, featuring an initial cost followed by a lower annual renewal fee. On the other hand, the Advanced Bundle includes CotranslatorAI Advanced along with all AI Workflow Integrators (A, B, & C), also starting with an initial purchase price and a reduced fee for annual renewals. Both packages provide a value-driven approach to accessing CotranslatorAI’s software and training materials in a single offering.

  • Can I cancel my subscription? Will my subscription renew automatically?

Your subscription is billed annually, but if you’re not happy with the value you’re getting, let us know. You do not have to purchase with auto-renew; you can turn off auto-renew on the MyCommerce shopping cart page when purchasing or anytime after that through your MyCommerce account.

  • MyCommerce? What is that?

MyCommerce is our payment gateway which handles all aspects of the purchase process after you make your selection on the Get CotranslatorAI Products page. MyCommerce handles all tax matters, and emails you your license code for your software purchase.

  • Where can I find more information about the CotranslatorAI editions and AI Workflow Integrators?

For detailed information about the new CotranslatorAI editions and AI Workflow Integrators, please visit the official website links: CotranslatorAI editions:; AI Workflow Integrators:

  • Why are the prices on MyCommerce higher than the prices shown on the CotranslatorAI website?

The prices on MyCommerce may be higher than those listed on the CotranslatorAI website because MyCommerce adds taxes to your order, and depending on the currency you select, may apply an unfavorable exchange rate. It’s often better to use USD for purchases. Also, European customers who are not required to pay VAT may be able to avoid paying this by entering a valid VAT ID number in the MyCommerce shopping cart page (related information on AI4LanguageProfessionals: VAT on My Commerce for business users). Keep in mind that taxes and exchange rates are determined by MyCommerce and are beyond our control. We recommend carefully reading the information on the MyCommerce website and experimenting with different currencies to see which offers the best value for you.

Installation/Setup FAQ

  • How can I get my CotranslatorAI registration code again if I’ve misplaced it?

Re-submit the registration form using your original email address at We’ll resend the code to your email promptly.

  • How can I get back on the CotranslatorAI user list if I unsubscribed before?

To rejoin the CotranslatorAI user list after unsubscribing, just re-register using your original email at

  • I already purchased a paid CotranslatorAI edition but I don’t have CotranslatorAI installed on my computer. Where can I get the latest installer file?

You can get it from the download page at

  • How many computers can I install CotranslatorAI on with a single subscription?

With a single paid subscription, you can install CotranslatorAI on two of your computers.

  • How do I move my paid edition of CotranslatorAI from one computer to another?

First deactivate your license on one computer and then activate with the same license code on the other computer. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish, up to a maximum of two simultaneous installations with one license code.

  • Why did I get a keyboard shortcut conflict error after installing?

Sometimes we update the template and sample prompts included with CotranslatorAI when distributing version updates, and in such cases, these can conflict with prompts you already had on your system. We might occasionally add built-in keyboard shortcuts, in which case conflicts will be flagged as well. If this happens, simply remove or change the keyboard shortcuts that are in conflict.

  • What’s the difference between upgrading and updating?

Upgrading involves moving from the free CotranslatorAI Starter edition to a paid CotranslatorAI Intermediate edition, or from the CotranslatorAI Intermediate to the more expensive CotranslatorAI Advanced edition, by purchasing the new license through our purchasing process. Updating, however, refers to ensuring you have the latest software version, which can be done by clicking the Check for updates link in the About CotranslatorAI window (Help > About…). We’ll also alert you via CotranslatorAI about new versions. The same installer file is used for all editions, available at

  • After installation, I was not asked to purchase or pay for the software. It appears to be working nonetheless.

It sounds like you are on CotranslatorAI Starter. You may continue to use CotranslatorAI Starter. However, to upgrade, please purchase a license at

  • Do you have a Mac version? And if not, can I install and use CotranslatorAI with Parallels?

We do not have a native Mac version of our software, but it can be installed on Macs using Parallels. Users have encountered issues when attempting to download the software with Safari on Mac. However, downloading and installing through the Windows environment on Parallels using MS Edge has been successful, suggesting this as a viable workaround for Mac users.