We are developing CotranslatorAI and our AI Workflow Integrators to help you build a professional AI-powered skillset and stay competitive in the years to come. We appreciate your patience as we work toward this vision, and we are encouraged by each of you who have expressed confidence in us by investing $1 or $40 in the new editions and training.

Important: Your promotion code expires soon! If you haven’t redeemed it yet, please do so ASAP. You can find your promotion code in the email I sent you yesterday.

Upcoming event: We have scheduled a free 45-minute Zoom call for next Thursday, 30 May at 14:00 GMT: “I Can Do That with GenAI? All-New Prompts, Use Cases, Features, and Techniques in CotranslatorAI.”

Attendance is free, but registration is required. (Yes, there will be a recording, but you still need to register.)

Register here: Zoom Registration Link

Event details:

  • Purpose: To close out our current “soft launch” to current users and officially unveil the new CotranslatorAI editions to the wider community of language professionals.
  • Agenda:First 30 minutes: Presentation of brand new prompts, use cases, and prompting techniques, some of which may surprise you. Even if you’re already a CotranslatorAI user, you’ll find this session valuable.

    Last 15 minutes: Sharing about the new CotranslatorAI editions, AI Workflow Integrators, and a 50% new-user discount which will expire shortly after the event.

    ** As always, I will be available for follow-up Q&A, but the official part of the event will end on time.

Help us get the word out: We could really use some promotional support for this event. I’ll be sending another email on Monday with more details. But if you’d like to help out more, please reach out to me individually. I’d love to hear from you.

That’s it for today!

Best regards,


CotranslatorAI Emailer-in-Chief

P.S. If you have access to the GPT-4 models in your OpenAI account and have updated to the latest CotranslatorAI version, please update your default model in CotranslatorAI to “gpt-4o”. It’s cheaper, faster, and better than the other GPT-4 models.