Happy Wednesday!

We’ve got another CotranslatorAI update for you; this one focuses on UI improvements. Head over anytime to https://cotranslatorai.com/get-started/ to download and install the new version.

Key improvements

  • New AI Dialogue History grid – Scrolling through long prompts and AI outputs is now much easier than before. Stanislav’s also added headings to show where each context window starts and stops.
  • Options window – This is a first step in helping you manage user settings without digging into text files as before. You can get to this window from the Tools > Options menu. Looking past this small enhancement, we’ve got some major usability improvements with prompts in store as well for later this year.

AI4LanguageProfessionals user group

You’ve seen the potential of AI in translation, but transforming that potential into practical use can be a challenge. If you’re ready to be at the forefront of this exciting area, I invite you to join our AI4LanguageProfessionals community. It’s not just the main hub for CotranslatorAI support, but it’s also a space for exploration, discussion, and learning in connection with any CAT or AI tool for translators.

Dave has been working hard to prime the group with content and discussions. As we’re still in the early stages, your participation can help shape this community into a vibrant and dynamic resource that brings a unique translator-first viewpoint to dialogue in the language industry.

It’s also going to be a great way to get early glimpses of upcoming resources and other freebies!

Join us by simply sending an email to AI4LanguageProfessionals+subscribe@groups.io.

ProZ.com – International Translation Day 2023

Mark your calendars for September 28, as I’m slated to present some advanced AI tips in “AI-Powered Translation: Enhancing Efficiency and Quality by a Minimum of 30%!” at International Translation Day 2023 on ProZ.com.

My 25-minute fast-paced presentation will showcase innovative prompting strategies including anchor, multi-input, template, and variable-driven prompting. Some of these techniques are making their debut in my presentation, and they might just leave you astounded!

Don’t forget to tune in at 9:40am US EST (15:40pm CEST). (Visit https://www2.proz.com/tv/ITD2023 for the full program!)

Best of luck in your translation work this week!