If you’ve downloaded and/or looked at CotranslatorAI Free recently but are still having trouble figuring out how to use the tool or integrate it into your workflow (or would just like to find out the state of the art in freelancer translation techniques), then join me on Tuesday, December 19 at 2pm GMT for a two-hour Zoom call.

Here’s the agenda:

Hour 1: Features and functions of CotranslatorAI Free

I will review the functionality of CotranslatorAI Free from beginning to end, including all the new features and updates that Stanislav has put into the tool in recent months.

I’ll also show you how to set up the all-new GPT-4-Turbo (preview) model for all of your work!

BTW, we will not go over installation and registration during the Zoom call. You need to have finished that before the meeting. If you have any questions of this nature, please post them in the community at AI4LanguageProfessionals in advance and we will gladly address them there.

Hour 2: AI-powered translation

We will then do a deep dive into the AI-powered translation workflow I’ve developed, which I’m calling Generative AI Iterative Translation (GAIT). Once you “get” the concepts and see the payoff, it will transform your work!

We’ll cover translation in and outside the CAT tool, as well as techniques for leveraging context and training the AI on the fly to produce better translations faster. You’ll even come away with some powerful ready-to-use translation prompts to do things you didn’t know were possible.

This will be advanced material so come with your thinking caps on.

I especially welcome anyone who has compared GPT-4 to DeepL and somehow still thinks DeepL is better. In the call, I will settle that debate once and for all! With the right techniques, generative AI leaves DeepL (and every other legacy NMT engine) in the dust. In fact, if you attend the Zoom call and still aren’t persuaded, I will refund your money. (BTW, the call is free!)

After Hour 2: Q&A and other discussion

I will prepare two hours of content. But I’m happy to stay after to answer questions and discuss AI with anyone who wants to keep talking.

End the year with a bang and register your spot at the following link:


You are invited to a Zoom call: “Free Training on CotranslatorAI Free”

When: Dec 19, 2023 02:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time

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I look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks!