Hello –

Thank you for accepting so much communication from us this month. I promise I’ll go back to a more relaxed emailing schedule once we get through this.

Two weeks ago I announced our upcoming CotranslatorAI Starter, CotranslatorAI Intermediate, and CotranslatorAI Advanced editions (click here to re-read that email). Last week I emailed you about our upcoming long-form training workshops: AI Workflow Integrators A, B and C (click here to re-read that email). I also shared about some amazing discounts, and recruited for our beta testers group.

In the process, there was a lot of information to keep straight. Here are answers to some questions you might have:

1. How do I get the amazing upgrade discount you keep talking about?

You do not need to do anything now. When the new editions are ready, we will email you your promotional code along with instructions for redeeming it to get the discount.

2. You mentioned a $1 price and a $40 price. Please explain.

You can use your promotional code to make one purchase of one of the two following options:

  • Intermediate Bundle for $1: Get both CotranslatorAI Intermediate and AI Workflow Integrator A
  • Advanced Bundle for $40: Get CotranslatorAI Advanced and AI Workflow Integrators A, B and C all together

3. When will I get my promotional code and how long will it be valid?

We had hoped to be ready this month. But we are still putting the finishing touches on the new editions, the licensing, and the checkout process. It looks like the promotional codes will go out the middle of next month. (Beta testers will get it about a week before that.) Your promotional code will be valid for about a week.

4. What if I don’t use my promotional code in time, or want to buy more than one license?

To get the $1 or $40 deal, you must use your promotional code promptly. After this crazy-low price for current users, your promotional code will expire. We will then announce a public release (with a kick-off Zoom call!) to everyone else. The public release will also offer heavily discounted prices for a short time, likely 50% off. Thus, even if you don’t use your promotional code in time or if you want to purchase another license, you can still get a really good discount during the introductory period.

5. How long will my new CotranslatorAI Intermediate or CotranslatorAI Advanced license be good for?

We are offering CotranslatorAI on an annual subscription basis so that we can sustain our effort at improving the tool. This means that your $1 or $40 will get you access to CotranslatorAI Intermediate or CotranslatorAI Advanced for one year. Next year, you will need to renew at the regular price (or take advantage of whatever special offer we might have at the time!). Our goal is to improve CotranslatorAI and help you integrate AI into your workflow so thoroughly that you are eager to renew when the time comes.

6. What if I’m not happy with my purchase? Can I get my money back?

At $1 and $40, we are pretty confident that you’ll get value from your purchase. But if, for any reason you aren’t satisfied, email us and we’ll work it out. We want you to have a good experience doing business with us!

7. What happens if I don’t upgrade?

If you don’t do anything, then you can continue to use your current version of CotranslatorAI Free, so long as you do not update it. However, considering how fast the technology is changing, without updates, you may encounter issues. If you update in the future without buying a license, you will be switched to CotranslatorAI Starter, which works fine but has various limitations intended to push you to upgrade. If you have any plan to use CotranslatorAI in the future, you should at least upgrade for $1 to CotranslatorAI Intermediate. If you do, you’ll also get AI Workflow Integrator A, where I will teach you how to start making better use of the tool today!

I hope this answered your questions. If not, let me know!