As I emailed you last week, we are rolling out three new editions of CotranslatorAI this month. Here are the details.

CotranslatorAI Intermediate

In 2-3 weeks, we will email you a promotional code for a $1 upgrade from your current CotranslatorAI Free edition to this new, mid-level edition (+ free premium training, but I’ll tell you about that next week).

Make sure you redeem the promotional code so you can continue to enjoy all of the following features:

  • Industry-standard data protection
  • Advanced context handling
  • User interface optimized for content transformation tasks
  • Built-in and custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Pre-loaded with ready-to-use template and sample prompts
  • Versatile, unlimited prompt library
  • Access to the latest AI models
  • Dialogue context history logging
  • Prompt-level support for advanced prompting and settings
  • Detailed token statistics for every prompt
  • Transparent data control with no minimum usage costs

Full price: $47/yr (but as mentioned above, you’ll get it for $1!)

CotranslatorAI Advanced

  • Our all-new CotranslatorAI Advanced edition comes with multi-tabbed prompting, giving you up to ten simultaneous channels into the AI models! Run an anchor prompt, do terminology research, and have the AI evaluate or edit previous translations all at the same time, even as you still have seven more tabs available for other miscellaneous tasks. While this function is debuting as a manual feature, it is an essential foundational element for some of the incredible developments we have planned for the future.
  • CotranslatorAI Advanced users also get membership in the CotranslatorAI Advanced User Group. This exclusive sub-group of AI4LanguageProfessionals is the place for priority discussions with our team on topics of relevance to power users, early access to and input on new features, and other unique opportunities to contribute to and benefit from what we’re doing at CotranslatorAI. Additional details to come…
  • Going forward this year, we will focus our development efforts on CotranslatorAI Advanced. What features will we add? We’ll be discussing this in the CotranslatorAI Advanced User Group!

Full price: $87/yr (but remember that promotional code? Instead of getting CotranslatorAI Intermediate as described above, you can choose to upgrade to CotranslatorAI Advanced + get more free training, all for $40.)

CotranslatorAI Starter

Users who want to try out CotranslatorAI for free can download this edition. We charge nothing for it, and it is not time limited. It contains all the core functions of CotranslatorAI Intermediate, but is limited by pesky upgrade-reminder windows, and a maximum of ten prompts in the Prompt Library. This will become the default free download after the official product launch later this month.

Full price: FREE