April is going to be a big month at CotranslatorAI, with the release of three new versions.

Bear with us as we work through this process. I will try to communicate adequately so that we bring every single one of you, our current users, into the next phase. Please remember that we’re translators by trade; entrepreneurs by accident. And as we turn a bootstrapped startup into a sustainable business that creates unique value in the human translator space, we may cross our wires once or twice.

I strongly encourage you to stay engaged with our messaging over the next few weeks. For a limited time, the new pricing is going to be amazing (yes, amazing!) for registered users of CotranslatorAI Free (that’s you!). It’s also going to come with industry-unique training, which we are calling AI Workflow Integrators. These long-form workshops will go further than anything we’ve done before to help you graft AI into your language workflows and achieve substantial quality and efficiency gains.

CotranslatorAI has come a long way thanks to your support, feedback, and enthusiasm. And as a community, we’re still only starting to learn how, as language professionals, we can all stay productively embedded in the highest quality workflows in our industry for the foreseeable future!

Look for some big announcements soon.


Steven (for Stanislav and Dave, too)

PS – My email inbox remains open this month; reach out to me directly anytime with concerns, questions, or other ideas.